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Hi! My name is Mike Wheeler. My wife Mindy and I are now working in partnership with several other facilitators nationwide. I have been a professional comic book flipper for over 10 years. And after seeing the way the industry is going I want to make sure that the people that have CREATED this industry get their fair share of profits as well.

We are going to take a completely new approach and new direction in order to bring life to an ever changing industry and we are excited as to what the future holds.

We want the creators of the books to be able to profit just as much as any retailer would. So what we are going to do is offer creators and artists the ability to slab any book through PGX signed by them ahead of any con. This gives you an opportunity to get your own books signed and slabbed and provide them to your fans! This way the retailer isn't the one making all the profit, you will be too!

This is Next Day turn around time! (not including shipping time)

We already have some very big names in the industry lined up to take part in this. I’m not one to name drop, so all I can say for now is watch your fellow con goer’s tables as they will be offering this to their customers! I would like to extend an invitation to you so you can take part in this as well. You would be responsible for paying the PGX grading fee and our service fee - which in the grand scheme of things isn't a big deal when you can sell the PGX graded and signed books for over $100 or more! You can then have PGX graded books ready to sell at your table and benefit from 100% of the profit of the sale.

Still with us? Good.

So here’s the deal… Please read all of this to ensure you get all of the information.

This is for the Ultra-Fast Track that we have negotiated with PGX for creators only.

This opens whole new doors to creators that have never before existed.


Signature Series Books (including our processing fee) -- $32 per book


FedEx Shipping

Number of Comic
Price with Return
1-2 $30
3 $32
4-10 $42
11-15 $57
16-20 $61
21-25 $69
26-30 $76


Books must have a purpose* in order to qualify for this exclusive relationship with us and PGX. which means you will get the books back in about 5 business days if you count the shipping time. So once you get the books, instead of having to wait months on end, you can sell these at a con BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!

* “Have a purpose” – You must be advertised to appear at the convention. You must tell us what convention it is. The book must be an exclusive for the convention, or a title recently released you plan on promoting at a con.

You may only submit up to 15 books per cover at one time. This does not apply to artists who submit original art on blank sketch variants.

Fun Facts

I am also sharing this little piece of information to help creators along the way. You cannot buy a plain graded comic whether it is graded by CGC, PGX, or CBCS on eBay signed for less than $79.99. It doesn’t matter, what it’s of, who it is by, or anything. That is the standard starting price.

If it’s a variant cover, the price increases.
If it’s signed, the price increases.
If it’s limited to a low number of issues, the price increases.
If it’s a sketch cover, the price increases.

Please be very thorough with your research so you can see trends of your books and know what they go for. There are super exclusive signed graded books by Brian Pulido going for well over $500. This grading stuff is a huge money maker and I think it will end up not only making you a lot of extra cash, but will also give your fans what they want before they can even buy it, which is totally cool!

Please send all items to the following address:

Comic Outlaws
930 W Southern Ave Ste #1
Mesa, AZ 85210

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