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Who are we and why should you send us our books?

We are Comic Outlaws currently based in Phoenix Arizona. Due to popular demand of our services we decided that being just facilitators wasn't enough. So we OPENED A COMIC SHOP! We make it a point to go to as many shows as possible and we can obtain signatures from almost any creator out there. We started out only accepting submissions from the creators themselves as part of our Creator Program. We then saw a need to open our services up to local comic shops here in the Valley and have since noticed that there was an overwhelming demand for us to take submissions from regular customers. We have formed relationships with countless creators who are always happy to sign our books for our customers. We have also added an ultra fast pressing service so we can help provide the full service package for anyone choosing us as a facilitator. We are exited to be in this industry and look forward to many years to come.

Comic Outlaws

How to ship comics

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Mike Wheeler

Website: www.futuretekit.com

Mike Wheeler is a life long fan boy who has realized his dreams in starting an online comic shop and now is one of the biggest comic facilitators on the west coast. He is also married to the most beautiful artist on the planet Mindy.

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